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Pete’s Diner

Lafayette is suddenly flush with new restaurants and I'm excited! Today I had lunch at Pete's Diner. I've got good and bad to report, so here goes. I try not to be too overly harsh on a restaurant if I visit right after opening, so please take this review with a grain of salt. First, let me start by saying … Continue Reading


The Cozy Tavern

The Cozy Tavern is a brand new bar and restaurant that opened about two weeks ago on South Street across from the South Street Smokehouse and the Akropolis. They seem to have done a lot of renovation, or perhaps … Continue Reading


Parkside Seafood House

So, have you all been waiting for this one? :) I luckily had a chance to visit this restaurant tonight, but it's definitely been on my radar. If you haven't heard, it's a new seafood place over by Columbian Park. … Continue Reading


Blue House Restaurant & Grill

You may have noticed that Lafayette Eats has been fairly silent in recent months. It's not that I've given up writing reviews... more that there's not much left for me to review! The other day, I was eating at El … Continue Reading


Shellie’s Café

My wife and I had a rare opportunity to sneak in a date the other morning, so we opted to go out to breakfast. Although we have lived in the area for over seven years, we had never tried Shellie's Cafe. It was a … Continue Reading



After eating at the Parthenon yet again, it has come to my attention that this review was really in need of a revamp. I haven't revisited it since the Parthenon moved from Chauncey Mall, and as it's become one of my … Continue Reading


Sushi Don Asian Fusion

Sushi Don Asian Fusion opened in December 2013 in the former location of Maza II, at the northwest corner of US 52 and Main Street in Lafayette. Similar to Maza, Sushi Don specializes in Korean and Japanese fare. I … Continue Reading