Shellie’s Café

My wife and I had a rare opportunity to sneak in a date the other morning, so we opted to go out to breakfast. Although we have lived in the area for over seven years, we had never tried Shellie’s Cafe. It was a mistake to have waited so long.

The building looks remarkably like an old Wendy’s on the outside, but inside the decor is far more kitschy. It’s an American diner in the finest sense. The restaurant was clean and inviting, and the staff was welcoming. The menu featured the usual breakfast and lunch offerings of comfort food and home cookin’.

Except I never had cooking like that a home. My mom’s pancake recipe has been well-received by friends and family alike, but it has nothing on the Shellie’s pancakes. Thin-but-fluffy and with the slightest hint of a crisp on the bottom, the pancakes had the perfect taste and texture. And they are huge to boot.

In addition to the pancakes, I also got a half order of the biscuits and gravy. Those who know me are aware that I take biscuits and gravy very seriously. Until my trip to Shellie’s Cafe, I thought the best place to get your fill was the former Breakfast Factory in Indianapolis. Shellie’s biscuits are fluffy and the gravy is plentiful and has a taste to make your eyes light up with pure joy.

My wife got the Cafe omelet, a gigantic three-egg omelet stuffed with sausage, cheese and vegetables and topped with gravy. It, too, was delicious and incredibly filling. The menu has lunch items, too, but with breakfast like this, who needs lunch?

The prices were very reasonable, especially considering the taste and portion sizes. Although many of the patrons appeared to be regulars, there was no sense of “you ain’t from around here” that you sometimes get at small, local eateries. The staff was warm and attentive; I never saw the bottom of my coffee cup. Shellie’s Cafe is easily the highlight of the Teal Road corridor.

Kid friendly: Yes
Location: 1400 Teal Rd, Lafayette (map it) Phone: (765) 471-2734
Cuisine: American

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