Uncorked – CLOSED

Location: 1005 Main St, Lafayette, IN (map it)
Phone: 765-742-4793
Cuisine: Wine

I was SUPER excited when I saw this article in the Journal and Courier the other day titled Check out Uncorked, Lafayette’s new wine tasting room. It details how Main Street Wine and Cheese has expanded into the next door office space to create a wine tasting room and wine bar. Truly, this is something that has been sorely missed in Lafayette, for those of us who enjoy a glass or three of wine. For a while, we had a wine bar in West Lafayette (anyone remember Windows on the Levee, above the Capp and Ginos?) but they didn’t do wine tasting, if my memory serves. So having a wine bar in downtown Lafayette is very exciting and I couldn’t wait to go try it!

I convinced a bunch of my friends to join me for drinks and food last night to check it out. I was really impressed with the ambiance. They did a fantastic job of converting an office space into a wine bar. They had a large bar on one side with shelves on wine behind it, tables all around. The decor and lighting was really nice and it was super clean. Even the bartenders and servers were in uniforms which you really don’t see that much anymore. I immediately liked it. Oh, and it was busy. Considering I had never heard of this place (and it only opened December 11th) I was not expecting that.

We went in and got a table for our group (six of us) and the waitress brought us all water. And here is where I stop to show you a picture of my water glass.

Clearly, I am easily amused. But how cool is that water glass? Maybe the picture doesn’t do it justice, but it’s like a leaning tower of water. Truly, it’s the little details like that that always excite me the most.

Our server told us we could either go to the bar to taste wine, or she could bring it to our table. Of course, we opted for delivery! They have a list of all the wines available for tasting, and you can choose three one ounce “tastes” for free, then after that it’s $1 a taste or $4.99 for a glass of any of the wines available for tasting. They offer 10 different wines for tasting at a time.  Update: I went back tonight (1/4) and they only had 5 wines available for tasting and the cost per glass went up to $6.99. While $6.99 per glass ultimately isn’t bad, it was kind of a bummer. I did speak with the owner, who said they are keeping the cost of the bottles low by raising the cost of the by the glass wines.

They don’t have a full menu, but a wide selection of appetizers and some desserts. We decided to each order an appetizer for the table to share, so we had a wide selection of options. Among our table we had: steamed mussels, bruschetta, baked brie, stuffed mushrooms, spanakopita, steak tartare, and then some fondue as well. I am a sucker for appetizers, so this type of eating is right up my alley. I really enjoyed everything I tried. The brie was delicious, and the fondue came with a wide selection of options for dipping, including apples, bread, asparagus, and a meat that I’m not entirely sure what it was, but had a bit of a kick to it. The food was good. My only complaint was that for sharing and for the price, the dishes were pretty small. The stuffed mushrooms only came with 4 mushrooms, which makes it hard to share among six people. (They were really delicious though!)

Our server was super friendly, funny, and helpful. The delivery of the wines for tasting was pretty slow, but I imagine that has more to do with being a new place and that kind of kink will hopefully get worked out as they grow into their new business.

Overall, I was really happy with my experience and I will definitely be back again.

Kid Friendly: No, it’s a bar.

Price: A little on the pricier side for the appetizers, but very reasonable for wine by the glass. It’s rare to find a glass of wine for $5 a glass.

Menu is available on  their website and other info on their Facebook page.