Adelino’s Old World Kitchen – CLOSED

Restaurant Name: Adelino’s Old World Kitchen

Location: 112 N 3rd St. Lafayette, IN (map it)

Phone: 765-429-6125

Cuisine: Mediterranean, Tapas

Review: I heard rumor that a new tapas restaurant had taken over the Maize location downtown and I knew immediately that I needed to check it out. This is right up my alley. As it happened, it was my 9 year wedding anniversary, so I made arrangements to head over there and see what the deal is.

I never dined at Maize, so I can’t tell you if it’s the same or not, but I can say the restaurant is really, really nice. Beautiful decor, lots of ceramic tile, nice tables. Really, a very lovely place. It’s wasn’t busy when we arrived, and we were shown right to a table next to the window, where we had a lovely view of the Tippecanoe County Courthouse. On our table was a stack of small plates and a collection of oils and vinegars and seasonings.

Our server was quick to greet us and was very friendly and enthusiastic. There was a sign outside that claimed Adelino’s serves the best Sangria in Lafayette, so I immediately ordered it to verify. Unfortunately, it didn’t occur to me that I’ve never had sangria at any other restaurant, so this will have to go unverified! It was pretty tasty sangria though.

Our server was very thorough in explaining the menu and ordering process. You can either order a small plate, suitable for sharing between two, or a platter, which is more of a family style option. Everything is a la carte, there are no “dinners” so to speak. We asked our server how much we should order, if we were ordering from the small plates and he said 3-4 choices would probably be good.

We opted for a baked goat cheese appetizer followed by a Caesar salad, then roasted potatoes, honey asparagus, and sausage brochette. Everything came out at its own time, not in one big lump, and you eat it off the small plates at your table. This is a lot different than most dining experiences I’ve had, but I would have to say, I rather liked it. I’m weird that way.

Also, the food was excellent. I really enjoyed it all. The baked goat cheese had a spicy marina like sauce that really had a kick. Overall, I thought it was a great experience and a nice addition to Lafayette. It was just dinner for two of us last night, but I imagine that it would be a fun night with a large group.

Kid friendly: No.

Price Range: $4.95 – $12.95 for each small plate, $19.95 – $44.95 for platters

Methods of payment: Cash and Credit.

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